You Made It!!

Congratulations! You are a college graduate. For the last 4+ years, you have been working hard to accomplish your goal of getting a degree. You didn’t sleep, you did homework until you couldn’t see straight, you thought your professor would never stop lecturing, and 4 years seemed like eternity. You are one smart cookie! You improved your time management skills, learned how to coexist with people who drove you crazy, made great friends, and hopefully grew in your character and identity.

God blessed you and got you through all the craziness of college. He gave you experiences and lessons inside, and more often outside, of the classroom. These lessons are priceless, and will help you with the next steps of life.

Now what? If you are like most college grads, you are starting the job hunt. Job sites like, and are good places to start. If you are still at college, I recommend going to the career services center so you can create your resume… because out here in the real world, you will need it to be considered for most jobs.

Don’t get discouraged! Apply for jobs when you like the job description, and it looks like you meet 75%-100% of the requirements. Every interview is valuable experience! Even if you aren’t offered a job, you have gained skills and thought of answers to difficult questions.

Tips for interviewing:

Research the company and position you are applying for. What makes you want to work for this specific company/organization? What skills will you bring to the table? When was the company founded, and what is their mission? Remembering this information will help you answer questions smartly and clearly.

Wear business attire; dress to impress. If you are not sure what constitutes business attire, I would look it up on Google. is awesome for gaining interview skills! Searching for terms such as “Interview Questions and Answers” and “Job Interview Tips” will get you started.

If you need any post college advice or encouragement, feel free to leave a comment :).


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