Pass You By

“Pass You By” by Carrollton, my new favorite band.

Once Upon a Time

Life can seem to pass you by. At least, I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way.

As children, many of us had the privilege of having dreams and goals that were quite grand; such as becoming an astronaut, becoming president, and being a millionaire.

Oh Reality…

Somewhere along the way, we hit a speed bump, aka “reality”. Either someone we know tells us how it is, or we have an experience that shows us life is hard. But that isn’t the end… and reality doesn’t have to be a trail of broken dreams.

We go to school, we graduate, and we become adults, ready or not! Our dreams change too. Don’t give up on your dream just because it doesn’t seem possible right now. Maybe it isn’t the right time for you to travel the world; maybe you have a good job so you can save up for your dream to come true.

From a Christian perspective, waiting has a purpose. It’s not supposed to drive us crazy, or make us frustrated that God hasn’t taken us down the path we had hoped.

Purpose in the Waiting

For in the waiting, God is preparing us for the future He has planned. As I wait for the desires of my heart to be fulfilled, I have learned numerous lessons. I’ve learned to forgive friends that left me in the dirt, wondering what I did wrong. I’ve learned to love people that I don’t have anything in common with. And, I have learned that God’s schedule is never the same as mine… but He is never late.

Looking back on my life, I see that when I willingly followed His plan (and surrendered what I wanted), He led me through winding paths, beautiful mountains, and steep cliffs. I struggled, but He never left. Now I see that it really isn’t about the destination; it’s about the journey I am on with God as my guide. He put those dreams in our hearts for a reason… now we need to trust His timing for the outcome.

Don’t sit around, letting the beauty of life pass you by. Enjoy the moment, for every moment you receive is a gift :).


2 thoughts on “Pass You By

    • Hi Liz!

      I went to the same concert! Such a small world 🙂 It was the best concert I have ever been too, even Unspoken was great.
      Thanks for the compliment,


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