Snow Day!

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Snow Days are Special

When you grew up like I did, snow days were pretty much non-existent. So when you finally have one, it is so special!

Why, you may ask? Because I was homeschooled… and I loved it! My mom is a great teacher.

Living in Colorado, we’ve had tons of snow. But since our school work literally surrounded us, we got to keep studying when there was a fresh coat of snow in the backyard. After studying, we could go outside to play.

The Day Finally Came

There was 3 feet of snow, and no one was going anywhere. I was still a kid, about 12 years old… and the snow was magical. My mom declared a snow day (aka no studying), and dad even stayed home from work!

We dug out igloos, built snowmen, and had a snowball fight in our big backyard. Back then, I didn’t really like snowball fights, because my brothers were really rough. Nowadays, if you challenged me to a snow fight, I would be up for it! The day wasn’t complete without snow slushies-using only the purest white snow, of course.

As we 4 kids came back in, we all began to thaw as mom made us hot cocoa. Everyone had flushed faces, cold hands, and warm smiles.

This week of November has been decidedly arctic. With temperatures dipping into the negatives, the snow seems warm compared to the air. I’m a little jealous of my Arizona friends right now!

The roads were so icy, and it was -1 outside. I called my awesome boss, and he let me stay home! So I spent the day figuring out a quilt design, doing laundry, watching ridiculous wedding shows with my mom, and making grilled cheese and tomato soup. There was no snowman building, because when it’s this cold, staying inside is waaayy more fun. I had a wonderful day!

What’s Your Favorite Snow Day Memory?

I’d love to hear about your favorite snow day memory in the comments below! Stay warm, drink some cocoa, and share some stories with friends and family this weekend. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. That sounds wonderful. I’ve been love, love, loving! the snow. Me and my younger sisters (well, two of them) have been going out every day and having snowball fights. The snow is refusing to stick together because it is too cold, so it is more like throwing puffs of snow at each other. I can’t wait until we finally go sledding. We walk down to the park and we sled down the hill and walk back up. It is tons of fun. Not to mention mom waiting at home with hot chocolate for us. 😉 Totally loving the cold weather. ❤


    • Hey Liz! Having snowball fights with your sisters sounds like a blast! I love sledding too :). It’s been so cold that sledding wouldn’t have been fun. But next time it’s actually in the 20s and snow is on the ground, I will go sledding at the hill near my house! Enjoy some hot chocolate for me too ;).


  2. So many snow day memories….

    I lost my tooth in the snow. I was sad that I didn’t get to put it under my pillow. But it is a rather painless way for it to go–while sledding!

    Also, the time we went sledding on the onramp to the highway. That was hilarious. Some tourists were taking pictures of us and some other people though we were stranded, so they brought us hot cocoa. Yum! That was fun though. And it was a very good sledding hill….

    And ice skating! Ice skating is the best.


    • Oh my goodness! That’s a cool story. Was your face kind of numb from the cold? And, did you face plant and lose your tooth?

      Haha! You created quite the spectacle. It’s nice to know there are kind-hearted people out there that bring hot cocoa to cold people, even if you weren’t stranded ;).

      I’m quite the klutz with ice skating, but I enjoy it anyway! Hope you get to do that this winter.


      • I don’t even know how it happened. All I know is I had a loose tooth when I went out sledding and I came back, quite bewildered that I was missing that tooth!

        I hope we get to go ice skating too. Since our lake dried up it will be harder, but we should be able to drive to another lake that’s pretty close by, as long as it freezes over.


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