Nice to Meet You

Hello Readers,

Do you ever feel like some days, you just get the short stick? You know, everything seems to go wrong. Traffic makes you late for work, you make a mistake and double your own workload, and you spill coffee on your shirt.

I’ve felt that way. A lot. That is why I blog! I want to fill others with hope and encouragement, so that these down days seem a lot brighter. My goal is to infuse laughter and joy into this journey called life :).

Me in a nutshell: I’m an adventurous, spunky, and outgoing woman with a passion for Christ! He is my reason for living, loving, and encouraging others. I want you to become the best you possible, and see life following God really is a grand adventure.

In Christ,

Ariel Smith

p.s. I’d love to get to know you! Feel free to introduce yourself, tell me about your blog or interests, and ask questions!


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