The Heart of a Dreamer

To Live

We are the warriors, ready to slay the dragon.

We dream of a world with more laughter and less pain.

We see more than meets the eye.

We are the Dreamers.

As a dreamer, we believe we can accomplish anything we set our minds too. And sometimes, we don’t understand when others give up easily.

Big Dreams, Big Risks

Do they not know that the biggest dreams require the biggest risks? That seeing something come to life takes a lot of sweat and tears?

Have you given up? Maybe you dreamed, and the dream came up empty. You tried, and everything fell apart… or you were too afraid to try. Did someone, somewhere, tell you that you couldn’t do it? That you’d never be good enough, smart enough, or good-looking enough to reach your dream? Please stop believing those lies.

Take a moment to soak this in: God isn’t done with you. He still has dreams and plans for your life.

Deep down, you know it’s true.

You let the dream go, thinking it could never be. But is that hope I see? That little seed of your dream has just been dormant. Now that it is seeing light, it wants to grow. Will you water it? Some days it may seem to just sit there, not growing or changing. But don’t let it wither away. Work at it, fertilize it, and give it sunlight.

Even More Beautiful

When the time is right, God will bring about a more beautiful bloom than you imagined. Actually, it will be quite different than what you thought the seed would produce. But isn’t that what makes it even more beautiful? The fact that you can tell it was not of your own doing, but Christ at work in and through you, bringing your dream into being?

Guess what?! You are not limited to one dream. On the contrary, you shall have many dreams. Not all of them will be your job to see through from start to finish. You will need people to join you in making your dream happen, people who believe in you, and people to make you think outside the box. Then they may take on your dream as their own, and God calls you elsewhere.

Keep Dreaming!

Either way, keep dreaming, keep fighting, and keep believing. The adventure with Christ is a lifelong one… and someday I truly desire to hear “Well done, my good and faithful servant,” from the One who loved me and held my hand every day of the journey.

Are you excited for an awfully big adventure?


Inspiration for this blog is from:

You’re Made for a God-sized Dream, by Holley Gerth


Bloom and Grow

Abe Lincoln 2

Stop and Smell the Roses

Flowers are lovely. They cheer me up just by looking at them… and let’s be real, I always stop to smell the roses. It reminds me of my Creator, and that He cares about me (us) more than the rose I just had the pleasure of beholding.

Think about rose bushes in the spring. They begin to green up, and the thorns grow bigger. Then slowly, buds form… and one glorious day they bloom! Not all at once, but in stages.

Roses are hardy. And so are we.

Just as roses bloom and grow, the challenges in our life either weigh us down, or force us upward. Resentment, confusion, and sin can stunt our growth and limit our perspective. That is when God gets out His pruning shears. Sometimes I cringe knowing that pain and ugliness will be revealed. But when I remember that pruning brings me closer to God, and allows me to bloom, I rejoice in it.

“Pruning is about more than just looks; proper pruning improves the health of your rose bush (your life), prevents disease and encourages better flowering.”

Dry Spell

You may be in a drought; you aren’t catching a break, you are unhappy, and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel… But I hope that you will allow God to change your perspective to see beauty all around you, such as the smile of a loved one, a beautiful sunset, and an encouraging word. The unpleasant may still be there, but that’s when we remember that even flowers have to grow through dirt.

flower through dirt